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Dr. Cătălin Nicolae Costovici

Dr. Cătălin Nicolae Costovici

Medic primar Oncologie medicală
Luni Marti Miercuri Joi Vineri
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Serviciu Preț (lei)
Consultaţie oncologică
Consultaţie senologică 120
Control 120


2015          Senior Specialist in Medical Oncology

2006          Postgraduate ”Masterclass in Clinical Oncology", Malta                                                                                                     

2003          Postgraduate ESMO Summer Educational Conference, Edinburgh

2002          Postgraduate Vienna School of Clinical Research - “State of the art in Clinical Oncology”
2002          Postgraduate Second Colorectal Conference ESO (European School Of Oncology), Rome

2002          Postgraduate Course of GLEYM (Global Local Young Medical                                     Investigators), Indianapolis

2001          Postgraduate ESMO Course  “ Reading, Writing - Randomized                                    Trials” -  Sinaia, Romania

2001         Postgraduate ESMO Course  “Basic Course In Medical Oncology” -  Budapest,  Hungary

2000         Specialty in Medical Oncology and Chemotherapy

1999         Postgraduate “Lymphoma-Leukaemia Course” -  Athens, under the auspice of the European School of Oncology (ESO)

1997         Postgraduate Hemato-Oncology Course  -  Bucharest, under the auspice of the University of Leuwen Belgium

1997         Postgraduate Course “Pain Management in advanced cancer” - Bucharest

1997         Postgraduate ESMO Course “Citostatic Agents-toxicity and delivery” -  Sinaia, Romania     1996-2000 Resident doctor of Medical Oncology at the Institute of Oncology “Alexandru Trestioreanu”, Bucharest, Department of Medical Oncology

1989-1995 The University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova, diploma of GMP

1982-1986 Theoretical High School ”Nicolae Balcescu” Pitesti

MEMBER    of   
ASCO ( American Society of Clinical Oncology)
-  ESMO (European Society of Clinical Oncology)

    (past president of the National Representative of Young     Medical Oncologists 1999-2002

- IASLC (International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer)

ESGO (European Society of Gynecologic Oncology)

SROM (Societatea Romana de Oncologie Medicala)


1996 - 97 Stage in Internal Medicine Department “N.Gh.Lupu” Hospital - Bucharest

1997    Stages in Radiodiagnostics and Cardiology, “N.Gh.Lupu” Hospital -  Bucharest                         1998    Stages in Nuclear Medicine and Histo-pathology, Institute of Oncology, Bucharest
1998 - 2000 Stage in Medical Oncology, Institute of Oncology, Bucharest

2000    Specialist in Medical Oncology, Institute of Oncology, Bucharest

2001-2015 Specialist in Medical Oncology at the “ Medical Center for Diagnosis Treatment and Preventive Medicine”, Bucharest

2008 - 2015 Colaboration  with Euroclinic Hospital, Bucharest

2010   Colaboration with  Anima Medical Center

2012 - Present    Colaboration with Donna Medical Center

2015   Colaboration with Sanador Medical Center

Present  -   Senior Specialist In Medical Oncology  at the Medical Center for Diagnosis Treatment and Preventive Medicine, Bucharest


Articles in specialty publications and books:

1. F.Badulescu, C.Gherasim, E.Gherasim, C.Costovici - Contribution  regarding the early detection of mammary gland cancer, 1st European Medical Student Symposium, 1995 - Athens, Greece

2. F. Badulescu, D.Petrisor, V.Roman, L.M.Pop,  C.Costovici - The Practical importance of direct standardization into delimitation of territory with maximal incidence of bronchopulmonary cancer in Dolj County, Romania, 1992-1996

3. F.Badulescu, C.Costovici, L.Parvulescu, L.M.Pop, A.Dragusin

Epidemiologic aspects in colorectal cancer in Dolj County, 1983-1994, Annals of the University of Craiova, Medical Sciences series, 2nd year, 2nd number, 1995

4. F.Badulescu, L.Parvulescu, M.Danciulescu, C.Costovici, N.Cherciu -Epidemiological aspects in colorectal cancer in Dolj County, between 1986 -1995, Symposium of Surgery in the Management of malignant tumors -  Craiova, Romania 1998

5. I.Mogos, C.Calinescu, C.Costovici - The efficacy of Gemzar@Cisplatin in the management of regionally advanced inoperable cervical cancer, 1999 National Conference of Oncology -  Bucharest, Romania

6. Colaboration to the Course of General Oncology for Students - University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Craiova,1997

7. C.Costovici - The Therapy with Gemcitabine in locally advanced and metastatic pancreatic cancer, 4th Annual Meeting of Global, Local Young Medical Investigators, 2002, Indianapolis

8. C.Costovici - Case presentation - Temozolomide as adjuvant therapy in the treatment of Glioblastoma after surgery and radiotherapy, Schering-Plough

Notebook Case Presentations

9. C.Costovici, F.Badulescu – Superior vena cava syndrome. Handbook of oncologic emergencies(ESMO)  1st edition, 2005 Taylor@Francis

10. C.Costovici - Case presentation - XELOX a safe and efficient treatment in the management of metastatic colon cancer, 6’th Masterclass in Clinical Oncology, 2006 Malta

11. C.Costovici - Case Presentation - Hycamtine a safe and promising drug in Ovarian Cancer, Bucharest, Roche Meeting - july 2014

12. C.Costovici - Case presentation - Castrate resistant prostate cancer, SROM Meeting, Poiana Brasov 10-12 October 2015

13.C.Costovici - Case Presentation - Neuroendocrine Tumors Present and Perspectives, SROM Meeting, Poiana Brasov, 10-12 October 2015

14. C.Costovici - Case Presentation – Castrate resistant prostate Cancer, Astellas Meeting, December 3th 2015,

Clinical Trials (First investigator)

  1. A phase II open label randomized study of ET-743 given either over 24h or 3 h infusion in woman with histologically proven, platinum potentially sensitive, recurrent advanced epithelial carcinoma
  2. An open safety follow-up study of intranasal fentanyl in the treatment of breaktrough pain in patients completing either the intranasal pharmacokinetic or the dose schedule finding study and receiving chronic opioid or WHO Cancer Pain Ladder, step 1 analgesics for the background pain
  3. A phase III Randomized,Placebo-Controlled, Double-blind study of oral CCI-779 administred in combination with Letrozole vs. Letrozole alone as first line hormonal therapy in postmenopausal women with locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer
  4. A Multicentre, open-label, extension study to investigate the safety and efficacy of AD 923 (Fentanyl sublingual) for the treatment of breackthrough cancer pain in subjects with malignacies.



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